Consider Furnished Apartments While Your Home is Being Built

The home building process is much more complicated than buyers typically realize. First, most buyers must sell their existing home before the builder will even break ground on the new one. This is mostly due to financing and requirements set by the lender. A typical custom home will take anywhere from four months up to a year to complete, which means buyers must find somewhere temporary to stay after their existing home sells and they wait for the new one to be complete.


As a realtor, you can suggest numerous temporary housing options to your clients, but the most comfortable and convenient is a rental apartment that comes fully furnished.


The Benefits of Furnished Apartments in Jackson, MS

Instead of suggesting local hotels, recommend a short-stay rental apartment for your clients. There are a few important benefits they will enjoy:


  • Furniture Stays Put – Your clients can put their furniture and belongings into a storage unit while they wait for their home to be built. Here, it will stay and they can even find a unit close to their new home, so that moving in is easier when the home is ready. With furnished rental accommodation, all your clients need to bring is their clothing, toiletries and personal items.
  • More Home-Like than a Hotel – With service apartments that are fully furnished, your clients will not be cramped in a hotel or feel as though they are in between homes. You can look for units that offer a homier feel, amenities and convenience. More so, the neighbors your clients will have in the building are often people who are traveling for business, using extended stays for their own real estate layovers, etc. Another plus is that your clients will not be dealing with loud neighbors or those who are just visiting for weekend parties.
  • Economical – Furnished apartments can usually tend to be a lot more economical than hotel stays, especially when you book a certain number of days.
  • Excellent Locations – When you work with the right service provider, you can find rental units that are close to your clients’ work, school, medical facilities, recreation areas, and other important conveniences.


At Corporate Housing Experts, we understand how your clients must feel about being in between homes. That is why we offer comfortable, spacious and conveniently located rental accommodations in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Gulfport and Biloxi, MS, so your clients have a home-like place to stay while their home is being completed. As a realtor, we can help you and your clients find the perfect temporary residence that is near work, school and even their new home under construction.


Find the ideal furnished apartment in Jackson, MS for your clients today. Call us at 800-990-7368 or contact us online with your questions.