Consider a Great Alternative to a Hotel for Extended Stays

Do you travel for business or personal reasons that would cause you to have to be located for an extended stay in a new location? You may be dreading the thought of staying at a hotel, inn or other type of traditional lodging. It is not only expensive but also quite inconvenient. Not many people like to stay in these commercial establishments for long periods at a time.

If you will be traveling on an extended stay basis, you ought to consider an alternative to hotels: corporate housing. This alternative offers a wide variety of housing choices to make your stay more comfortable and reduce the stress related to travel away from home.

There are many benefits associated with corporate housing accommodations for extended stays.These include:

  • More space

Corporate housing options include spacious apartments for your stay. The apartments are multi-room, eliminating that feeling of confinement invoked by a single hotel room.

  • More amenities

Corporate housing offers various amenities that you would find in a well-furnished home. For example, you can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen if you prefer to prepare your own meals.

  • Privacy

With multi-room apartments, you have increased privacy. You do not have to accommodate other guests as you would in a hotel. Your apartment offers the same privacy you enjoy when you are at home.

  • Affordable

Corporate housing options are more affordable than hotels for an extended stay. They are ideal for travelers staying for a month or more and offer more affordable rates than other traditional lodging options.

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