Common Questions about Corporate Housing

With the advent of airplanes, the stereotypical traveling salesman persona has evolved over the years and they no longer have to drive their car from place to place. Additionally, airlines soon discovered the lucrative market available with the business traveler so a new airfare class arose. Before long, this new customer base included medical staff, auditors, energy techs, and computer programmers, and they were staying longer in new cities. Hence the need for short-term housing that was homier than hotels. Enter corporate housing apartments.

Take time to understand corporate housing basics and reap the rewards of better comfort, increased amenities, and money saved. If you’re sitting on the fence about utilizing corporate housing, talk to the knowledgeable staff at Corporate Housing Experts. We love to help, and we make the process easy. Deidre agrees, “Corporate Housing Experts made my short term relocation effortless!”

3 Commonly Asked Questions about Corporate Apartments

It is easy to hear the term corporate housing and wonder exactly what that means. Is it something that only big corporations use for their esteemed corporate staff? We’re happy to answer three of the most commonly asked questions:

  1. What is corporate housing? It’s a service utilized to house people temporarily. The units are fully furnished, so you only need to bring your clothes and some groceries. The length of stay depends on the reason but a typical length of stay is generally 30 days long and can last for a few months. Some companies have a minimum stay of 14 or 30 days. You may hear different terms for corporate housing, including corporate apartments, executive apartments, temporary housing, or short-term housing. Usually, the accommodations are located in apartments or condominiums.
  2. Who can use corporate housing? Despite the name, a variety of people utilize corporate housing. Yes, many are business travelers like consultants. Others include healthcare workers, entertainment crews, energy workers, military service members, manufacturing project managers, financial or banking auditors, and contract computer programmers. Additional sectors using short-term apartments are students, interns, dislocated homeowners, and relocating employees.
  3. What are the benefits, if any? There are many benefits to using corporate apartments, such as:
    • Increased privacy over that of a hotel
    • Ability to cook meals in fully furnished kitchens versus eating out or ordering room service
    • Utilities, internet, television, linens, and towels often included in the price of rent
    • Amenities like swimming pools and fitness rooms
    • It’s homier than a hotel!

Take Advantage of All the Perks with Help from Corporate Housing Experts

Don’t assume that short-term apartments won’t work for you. Contact us and we’ll find the right apartment style with the best furnishing package to fit your needs. Once you work with us, you’ll wonder why you never tried corporate housing before!

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