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Simple tips to Keep Your Apartment Tidy

Not a lot of people enjoy cleaning. It is often viewed as tedious work and a killjoy. It’s easier to ignore it and overlook dust bunnies when you’re at home. However, working on location brings a different sense of cleaning responsibility. You suddenly want to have your place ‘company ready’ so you can avoid embarrassment […]

Using Extended Stay Apartments When You Work Remotely

A new phenomenon has developed in recent years. Positions that used to be location-specific became less dependent on where the office was located. As long as the team member had a computer and internet access, they could complete their jobs and tasks from home. Now, employees are enjoying the benefits of working remotely, including no […]

Quick Meal Ideas for a Hot Day

Summer is a time for fun, but also heat and humidity. It can be frustrating to decide on the best meals to cook when the temperature is high. While fresh food is plentiful, sweltering in a kitchen at the end of a long, hot day is not inviting. You could spend the rest of the […]