Business Travel Trends for 2016

Business travel is expected to increase in 2016 now that the Great Recession is behind the economy. That means more travelers will be hitting the roads and the skies. A few trends are already emerging, even just a few weeks into the New Year. While the number of travelers has already increased significantly, there are a few other trends that industry observers have noted.


Significant Trends and Predictions Affecting Corporate Travel this Year

This year may be a busy one for business travel, but some other trends that you are also likely to see include:


  • Mobile Technology – Mobile technology will continue to advance in 2016, especially for travelers. More airlines will offer mobile use during flights, easier bookings via a mobile phone, and other conveniences for people on the go.
  • Crowded, but Cheaper Airlines – You may notice your flights are packed full of travelers, but at a discounted rate. That is because airlines are working to have their planes fully occupied before take-off; so no more empty seats. The good news, however, is that you may notice the costs will come down a notch. Some airlines will also offer dramatic discounts for last-minute flights – especially when you are filling one of the empty seats on their planes.
  • No More Rewards – Back in the day, you relied on business and travel rewards. Many loyalty programs from major airlines are going to start losing steam in 2016, mostly because airlines are lowering their fees. While they will still have rewards programs, you may notice they are less generous than in previous years. In fact, most airlines are already employing a loyalty program that gives you reward points based on how much you spend rather than how many miles you fly.
  • Increase in Corporate Housing – Another trend is to do with rental accommodations for corporate travelers. You will notice that hotel prices will continue to rise, but their popularity will fall. More business travelers will use short-term rentals because of their convenience, comfort and cost.


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