Benefits of Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

People traveling for business have quite a few options when it comes to where to stay. Of course, some of those options are more attractive than others. If your company sends its employees on business trips that last for several weeks or even months, you should really consider choosing corporate housing, rather than traditional hotels or extended stay hotels.

All of these options, including the bare-bones traditional hotels, are fully furnished, as it’s just not feasible for business travelers to find and purchase beds, desks, refrigerators, etc. for a stay of a few days, weeks, or even months. However, furnished apartments are the only housing that comes with a full kitchen and spacious living area, along with all of the necessary amenities for residents to feel at home while they’re on business.

For example, if you choose corporate housing over an extended stay hotel, you’ll be staying in one of many furnished apartments in Jackson, MS, which also has all of the kitchen utensils you’ll need to cook yourself a good meal when you get there.

One of the biggest complaints of people who travel for business is that they can’t seem to eat well, and that they often gain weight from eating out at restaurants. With corporate housing, though, you’ll be able to go to the store, come “home”, and cook yourself anything you like.

Because these apartments are leased on a longer term basis than extended stay hotels, they are usually handled through corporate housing companies, which handle the complexities of leasing the property and dealing with maintenance so that you can rest easy.

At Corporate Housing Experts, we can take care of all of your corporate lodging needs. If you’re interested in furnished apartments in Jackson or Hattiesburg for your next extended business trip, call (800)990-7368 today.