Avoid Storage Space Struggles—Enjoy Corporate Housing in Biloxi, MS

If you travel for work, you understand the challenges of living out of your suitcase. You cannot carry too many items, particularly personal items that you don’t ‘need’ but remind you of your family. The result can be some loneliness. Where you stay is crucial to bringing those little things and adding meaning to your life, such as photos or the stuffed bear your child insisted you take along with you. Hotel rooms have little space for much more than your laptop. How can you make a small room feel like home? A better solution is to choose corporate housing when working in Biloxi, MS. Besides fully furnished apartments, you can reap the many benefits of having enough room to bring along some personal belongings.

Storage Benefits of Corporate Housing in Biloxi, MS

Are you ready to have that home-away-from-home experience on your next business assignment? Consider these storage benefits of your extended-stay apartment:

  1. Plenty of room for your business and casual attire. Hotel closets are small. They offer little space if you need to hang several outfits up. Additionally, when you look inside, there may be three to five hangers at most. The dressers are not much better. Our corporate housing units in Biloxi, MS offer you plenty of space to empty your suitcase. You can hang your suits, tuck your jammies in a drawer, and hide your luggage out of site, with room to spare.
  2. Spacious bathroom counters make getting ready easier. You often have to shift between your shampoo, shave cream, and cosmetics while getting ready in a hotel in the morning. In an extended-stay apartment, drawers and cabinets are available to tuck things away, just like at home. No more scrounging around for your toothbrush only to knock over your favorite cologne right before a big meeting!
  3. Areas to work on hobbies or exercise. You may be in Biloxi for work but will have some downtime. What about bringing your hobbies with you or exploring new ones? You may enjoy crocheting or making jewelry, or putting together model airplanes. You can do that in your corporate housing apartment and not worry about covering the bed with stuff.
  4. Places for family mementos and knick-knacks. No matter where you stay, it can feel lonely without a few items from your home. Temporary rentals provide plenty of space to showcase pictures and your child’s masterpieces. You can even spruce things up with trinkets and knick-knacks you find while perusing through Biloxi.

Choose Corporate Housing in Biloxi, MS Over Cramped Hotels

You don’t have to put up with cramped hotel rooms. If you like, stretch out over an entire apartment, and enjoy spacious living while on a work assignment. Corporate Housing Experts make it simple to move in and stay comfortably. Our units are conveniently outfitted and located in excellent communities. They have many amenities waiting for you to take advantage of. We love sharing the hidden gems of our gorgeous town, too, so take advantage of our ‘insider knowledge’ when you contact us today!

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