Amenities Offered By Corporate Housing Providers

Many businesses are using corporate housing to accommodate their employees or guests when on business trips.  A corporate housing provider offers much more than a luxury hotel or inn could offer. Some of the benefits to these luxury apartments include:

  • Comfortably furnished spaces

These apartments come with the furnishings you would traditionally find in your own home, to give you that home away from home feeling. Although furnishing will differ depending on the provider, the typical furnishings provided include a comfortable bed, a sofa, study table, television and chairs and much more.

  • Fully equipped kitchen

You’ll find a fully equipped kitchen within these apartments, giving you the resources to prepare meals comfortably just as you would in your own home. These kitchens include microwaves, cookware, ovens, refrigerators and many other kitchen accessories.

  • Washing machine and dryer

Staying in a corporate apartment means no more searching for the closest laundromat with a pocket of quarters. These apartments typically come equipped with a full-size washer and dryer so you can do your own laundry, on your own timeline, without the quarters.

  • Wi-Fi

These apartments are designed to accommodate those who are traveling for business and have the necessary amenities to make working easier for you while on the road. Many provide a private, high-speed internet connection as part of their packages.

Be sure to check on the amenities available from your chosen corporate housing provider. Ensure that you get everything you need.

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