Add Some Green to Your Corporate Lodging with Houseplants

Plants liven up our landscapes and bring harmony in our homes. Not to mention, they can clean the air and help us breathe easier. While on location in Jackson, MS, having some greenery inside your corporate lodging is a great idea. Because of varied and busy schedules, many of us don’t attempt to take care of houseplants, but it’s worth the minimal effort involved. Enjoy some cleaner indoor air and brighten your mood when you choose to add some plants to your furnished apartment.

7 Houseplants to Liven Up Your Corporate Rental

Bring the outdoors inside and clean up your air while adding beauty with these seven types of indoor houseplants:

  1. Cacti: It’s easy to grow a cactus. These hardy plants are used to harsh climates so it’s a perfect choice if you’re not confident with your plant growing skills. All they require is some direct sunlight and a little water when their container is completely dry.
  2. Succulents: These popular plants are similar to cacti in that they are resilient and require little maintenance. Give them some direct sunlight and water as needed. You can find an extensive array of varieties to spruce up your corporate lodging in Jackson, MS, including the jade plant, a common gateway plant to the succulent world.
  3. English Ivy: This plant tolerates indoor temperature, differing light conditions, and moist or dry soil. Besides being able to train it to grow up a trellis, hoop, or topiary form, it makes a great air purifier in your bedroom.
  4. Snake Plant: Adapted to the harsh conditions of West Africa, the Snake Plant can handle apartment dwellers with ease. All you need to do is water this plant every couple of weeks and ensure the pot has adequate drainage. A huge bonus is the air purifying qualities of this work of art.
  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig: If you’re into the latest houseplant trends, consider adding this plant to your corporate housing apartment. It prefers indirect sunlight and added humidity, which can be handled with an east-facing window and setting the pot on a plate with pebbles and water.
  6. Philodendron: This is an easy plant to care for, and it provides beautiful tendrils hanging from its pot. It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight but be careful that it doesn’t sit in a dim spot.
  7. Spider Plant: A throwback to the 70s, this plant that doesn’t need much water and can handle many different light conditions, including artificial light. The baby plants, called pups, dangle from the mother plant. Clip and repot them to give as gifts!

Breathe Deep and Relax – Depend on Corporate Housing Experts

Embrace cleaner air and a relaxing atmosphere by adding indoor houseplants to your corporate lodging. You make things a little easier on yourself by choosing resilient varieties. The team at Corporate Housing Experts also makes things much easier on our clients; as some point out, “You always make finding housing for my employees easy on me!” We can do the same for you.

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