7 Tips to Personalize Your Furnished Apartment in Meridian, MS

Moving is a great way to start fresh. You can sort through belongings and only take what you really want. You also have the opportunity to decorate your new home in the way that fits your personality. All of this assumes that you’re moving into an unfurnished place. What do you do when your new home is a furnished apartment? How can you make it feel like a home and fit your taste?

Add your own special touch to any of Corporate Housing Experts’ furnished apartments and make your temporary home a pleasant and welcoming place. Our communities offer many amenities that make your stay one of comfort and functionality. We take the hassle out of short-term stays in Meridian, MS and across the country.

Easy Ways to Make Your Furnished Apartment Feel Like Home

Yes, you can make a temporary accommodation feel like home. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Start with some accents: Use your imagination to create a look that you can enjoy. Soften up a room with curtains. Use throw rugs to add a bit of color. Set out a beautiful dining room setting with placemats or a table runner. Throw pillows and blankets with designs add texture to rooms with plain walls.
  2. Decorate the walls: In lieu of paint, consider other options like tapestries to add color. It can also help with noise control. Bring in some family photos or favorite pieces of art to embellish each room. You can easily place items with removable adhesives and not worry about damaging the walls.
  3. Spruce up the kitchen: Embellish your new kitchen with color-coordinated towels, pot holders, and rugs. If your apartment doesn’t come with dishes, choose an inexpensive set to match. Find ways to display highly used items, like knives and cooking utensils, such as in a pretty vase or crock.
  4. Choose a furniture rental package that fits your style: With Corporate Housing Experts, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of packages. We offer you complete customization to match your style.
  5. Rearrange furniture: Just because the couch sits along the longest wall, doesn’t mean it needs to stay there. Maybe you want to make small conversation corners, so moving chairs into a corner helps. Let your personality shine when you rearrange the furniture.
  6. Make the bathroom a spa: Maybe you have always wanted a home spa. Grab some fluffy towels, a candle, and a book holder. When you come home from a long day, you can lose yourself from the worries of the world.
  7. Sleep in luxury: Nothing is more comforting than sleeping in a cozy bedroom. Grab a pillow, sheets, and comforter that fits your tastes. It may be one of the easiest and least expensive way to customize your furnished apartment.

No Place like Home, but a Furnished Apartment Helps in the Short-Term!

Make your home-away-from-home enjoyable to walk into at the end of the day, by tailoring your furnished apartment to your tastes. The team at Corporate Housing Experts stands ready to assist you in finding the best place for your short-term stays. Reach out to us today to get more value for your money with our excellent communities.

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