6 Key Questions to Ask Corporate Housing Companies

There are plenty of housing providers out there – in fact, you may have a list of a half dozen sitting in front of you right now. So, how do you decide which company will help your employees find suitable accommodation when they need it? Who will have the best rates? Who will put your employees’ interests at the top of their list?


Finding the right provider does not have to be a guessing game or a matter of luck. By asking the right questions during an initial interview, you can quickly narrow down the list and decide on the perfect corporate housing company for you and your staff.


Essential Questions You MUST Ask

Some companies simply manage a referral program; meaning that they will show listings from multiple sources, but they do not directly handle the property. You want a housing company that actually manages the leasing of these properties, offers a range of amenities and can guarantee your satisfaction. To make sure you are not going with a third party broker, here are a few questions to ask:


  1. Minimum Lease – You should ask what the minimum lease requirement is – since some companies will require as much as 90 days or 6 months. You want a 30-day minimum and the option to go month-to-month so that your employees’ have some flexibility.
  2. Reservations – Not all relocations or assignments are planned in advance, and some are last minute. You want a company that has multiple property listings throughout Mississippi so that they can meet unexpected, short-notice move-in dates.
  3. Pets – If you are expecting your employees to relocate (even temporarily), you have to remember that some may not want to move without their furry family members. You want to look for an extended stay provider that also offers accommodations where pets are allowed; preferably without extra charges. Just keep in mind that some properties will have breed, weight and overall size restrictions.
  4. Amenities for Employees – Most importantly, your employees need to feel as though they are at home. Some facilities a rental unit for corporate travelers should be able to provide include free Wi-Fi, a business lounge with equipment, car rental services close by, close proximity to restaurants, public transit, medical services, etc.
  5. Furnishings and Rentals – Whether you have employees staying temporarily or long-term, you want maximum flexibility. Look for a company that offers rental packages to include furnished apartments as well as houseware rentals (such as TVs, linens, cookware, etc.). This prevents your employees from having to bring along personal items or spend their daily allowance on items they cannot take back home with them.


If you have staff members that travel frequently or are required to relocate for each new assignment, you need to find accommodations that offer maximum flexibility and a choice of properties to select from.


For the team at Corporate Housing Experts, your employees’ comfort is top priority. With furnished apartments, short and long stay rental units, and even housewares packages to rent, your employees will love their home away from home.


To get started and browse our available properties, give us a call today at 800-990-7368 or contact us online to explore your options.