5 Tips to Make Your Extended Stay Mississippi Apartment a Home

Congratulations on your promotion! That new title and salary will be nice to have after working hard to ensure you were the best candidate for the job. With your position comes a move to a new city in Mississippi. Do you know where you will live while you make your way in unfamiliar surroundings? Choosing an extended stay apartment allows you to get your bearings and discover where you may want to put down roots on a more permanent basis.

Choose to work with the team at Corporate Housing Experts to find your temporary home. We believe in giving you the best support so that your move is as smooth as possible. Some of our clients put it best, “Corporate Housing Experts made my short-term relocation effortless!” Let us help you have the same experience when you call on us.

5 Suggestions When Living in an Extended Stay Apartment

Use your corporate rental flexibility to ease into your new city while deciding where you want to live. Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy living in a short-term rental:

  1. Take Advantage of the Words “Fully Furnished”: It’s easy to think that you need to bring everything you own into your corporate housing apartment. When your quarters are fully furnished, you don’t need to bring all your furniture or worry about kitchen gadgets. Instead, enjoy the comfort of the existing couch, table and chairs, and outfitted kitchen. Leave your belongings tucked away in storage for now.
  2. Ask for the Amenities that Matter to You: Do you cherish your early morning workout on your treadmill? Maybe you prefer to use an in-unit washer and dryer instead of going to a laundromat. You’ll feel a little more at home when you can keep up with your routines. You can do that when you find an extended stay unit that has the amenities you’re looking for.
  3. Don’t Unpack What You Don’t Need: It’s okay to leave some of your items still in boxes when you know you will need to repack them in a couple of months. You may want to utilize one of the extra closets or the spare bedroom to store the extra items you don’t use. Go ahead and keep some items on hand, especially if you think you will use them, but you don’t have to keep moving them in and out of boxes.
  4. Unpack the Items You DO Need: You will have certain things that make life easier if they were unpacked. For example, few of us like living out of suitcases, so hanging up clothes and placing towels and linens in a closet is helpful. It will give you a settled feeling in your new city.
  5. Save Your Packing Supplies: Who wants to replace boxes when it’s time to pack things back up? Instead, keep your boxes flattened, under your bed, or in a closet. They will be handy to grab when you need them. Plus, you will only need to pick up some packing tape instead of buying everything again.

Relax, Discover Your New City with Help from Corporate Housing Experts

Rest easy knowing your temporary extended stay apartment will be a comfortable home base for your move. Our corporate rentals have many amenities within excellent communities. We offer many different furniture packages to ensure you only have to unpack once. Give us a call today, and let us help!

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