5 Things to Look for in Your Corporate Housing Company

Relocating for work offers exciting opportunities, the promise of personal growth, and a lot of new experiences. For many, however, it can also bring a lot of stress. Finding a new place to live while adjusting to a new role, new team, and new environment can be challenging. All of this can get a lot easier if you work with experienced corporate housing companies. Simplify your search for a furnished apartment or extended stay housing that is conveniently located and comes with additional services to make you feel at home.

Useful tips for choosing the right provider:

  • Flexibility: Companies that offer a choice of temporary accommodations vary in terms of their depth of experience, market knowledge and services available. For the best results, you want to work with a service provider offering a variety of listings and options for your stay. Whether you need a 30-day lease or a longer term rental for your relocation, an established organization will be able to work with you and direct you toward the right listing. Our customers trust us for the flexibility in our policies and attentive staff that provides consistent services with a personal touch.
  • Options: In addition to different rental period durations, the company should also offer a range of price points. The property search process becomes much easier when you collaborate with a team that has access to different kinds of listings. Do not settle for just one or two options! Regardless of whether you need a full house for your family or a single bachelor apartment for yourself, you will be able to compare different properties and locations in our listings to find the right one for your needs.
  • Service: The provider you choose for your rental accommodation should offer local services, be familiar with the area, and have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to offering convenient single billing practices and custom lodging solutions that include furnishings and utilities. Delivery services and cable/internet provider packages are also available so that you can enjoy an easier move-in day and get settled in very quickly.
  • Reviews: Research online reviews to ensure that the company you choose has a strong track record of treating their tenants with fairness and responsive services. Ask for recommendations through friends or visit popular review sites to learn more about other renters’ experiences.
  • Extra Details: There are a lot of considerations and details to sort out when you are relocating. Find a provider that can take care of some of the details for you and provide straightforward renter’s insurance options. Our experienced team recognizes the varied challenges and different considerations that employees on short-term projects face and specialize in assisting those who have specific property requirements.

Contact Corporate Housing Experts to find your new home during your stay in Biloxi and Mississippi. We work with organizations and individuals who are in need of affordable and high-quality short stay or extended stay solutions. Move away from impersonal hotel spaces and save with a convenient, well-located property for your temporary relocation.

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