5 Questions to Ask When Leasing Furnished Apartments

Corporate housing is an excellent option for executives, military personnnel, students, and interns. It offers you the opportunity to live in a new city during your assignment or the semester without having to sign long-term leases. One item that may be a tad frustrating is furnishing the new accommodations. Who wants to drag (or purchase) all of their belongings for a three-month stay?

Extended stay housing makes the choice simple with furnished apartments in Jackson, MS. Companies across the country know they can depend on Corporate Housing Experts to have an inventory of clean, high-quality accommodations for their team. We strive to make things as simple as possible. Deidre from Raytheon Company agrees – “Corporate Housing Experts made my short term relocation effortless!”

Ask these 5 Questions before Signing up for Furnished Corporate Housing

We all understand that we get what we pay for. We just need to ask the right questions to ensure we get full value for our money. When considering leasing a furnished apartment, ask the agent these questions:

  1. Are the furnishings included in the rental price? Some companies lure you in with rental rates for their unfurnished places and then tack on furniture rental. When you choose a fully furnished apartment from Corporate Housing Experts, you pay one fee each month that covers both the residence and the furniture within.
  2. What type of furniture is included? Believe it or not, the definition of “furnished” can be fluid. For some, it means a couple of end tables, a couch, a bed, and not much else. For Corporate Housing Experts, it means much more. Rent as much or as little furniture as you need. It’s up to you.
  3. Do I have to pay an extra security deposit for furniture? It is possible there is a furniture deposit that is separate from your apartment deposit. This depends on the company and their practices.
  4. What, if any, utilities are included in the rent? Sometimes water, electricity, and the internet are included in your furnished apartment—other times they’re not. Knowing what your housing company offers helps you determine if you need to make any additional phone calls to set up utilities. We believe your apartment should be move-in ready, so we have all the services available to go when you turn the key in the lock.
  5. Can I choose furnishings for my new apartment? Some companies offer different packages while others let you pick and choose what you want. For example, we give you customizable furniture and housewares packages. Each package can include standard furniture and others leave no detail out. Think shower curtains and a broom and dustpan.

Lease the Best – Choose Corporate Housing Experts in Jackson, MS

Don’t waste time worrying about what to expect in your furnished apartment. Let the team at Corporate Housing Experts assist you in finding the right package for your needs. Go ahead – ask us all your questions and learn quickly why we are a leader in the extended-stay housing arena.

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