5 Neighborhood Questions to Ask Corporate Housing Providers

When you are looking for rental accommodation to suit your employees traveling out of town on work, corporate housing companies can be a huge help. You will have the opportunity to browse a large network of accommodations and select suitable housing without the hassles of finding furniture and even housewares. Once you have a good shortlist of available homes for rent, you must also take the time to find out more about the neighborhoods.


Neighborhood Questions to Consider

Even if you or your employee are only going to be living in the area for a short while, the right neighborhood and overall atmosphere will determine how enjoyable that stay is likely to be. Some questions to ask your provider before selecting a location include:


  • Schools – If you are bringing family along and you have school-aged children, you need to know what schools are in the area. Ask for the names of the schools, any information the company has about them and then do additional research yourself to make sure there is one suitable for your children.
  • Overall Safety – Ask about the overall safety of the neighborhood. You will want to inquire about crime rates, thefts, vandalism and the social activities of people in the area.
  • Commute – Ask about the commute from your apartment or home to your place of work. The provider should know what freeways are accessible, if you will mostly commute on city roads, etc. They should also be able to provide some insight about the overall traffic flow during certain times of the day.
  • Restaurants – While you are scouting for rental housing in a new area, you should also experience the food choices available. Ask about the type of restaurants nearby and any that the providers can recommend. If they have personal recommendations, it could be a sign they have visited the area several times too.
  • Activities – If you will be working, but bringing family, what type of activities are offered in the area to keep them busy? Are there parks? Are there local attractions? All of these things will matter; plus you will want to know what options you have for recreation on the weekend.



At Corporate Housing Experts, we understand how difficult it is to relocate; even temporarily. We do not just recommend temporary housing; we recommend the right neighborhoods too. As a leading rental housing provider in Mississippi, we want to ensure our customers are always comfortable in their home away from home.


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