5 Decorating Tips for Rental Furnished Apartments – Insider Tricks for Your Home Away from Home

You walk into your short-term rental. It is furnished and has everything you need. Yet, something seems to be missing.

You crave that home-away-from-home appeal—and the “vanilla” atmosphere of the furnished apartment your company provided you with does not necessarily give you that feeling. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can transform that space into your own.

Whether you are staying for a few weeks or a few months, these insider decorating tips will help you make the place home-like. Friends and family that visit will be stunned at your creativity; after all, you found a way to personalize a space without a single nail in the wall!

How to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Decorating a temporary space poses a unique set of issues. First, you cannot paint. Second, you know you cannot hang anything on the wall. With the two biggest transformation opportunities eliminated, where do you go next?

Here are five fun options:

1. Wallpaper Art – No, you will not attach it with glue. In this case, you will find wallpaper you like (possibly some with pops of color and personality). Then hang it on the wall as an accent using double-sided tape. The tape will hold long enough for your temporary stay.

2. Decorative Pillows – The nice thing about pillows: they are inexpensive and fun. Playful pillows can add color and interest to your space without any permanent commitment. If you find yourself attached to it, a pillow is lightweight and not expensive to ship back home.

3. Pop in a Mirror – Large mirrors add character. While you do not want to spend a fortune, you can rent one from a local furniture rental store or look for a large, inexpensive mirror at a local garage sale.

4. Change Up the Bedding – Go buy a bed-in-a-bag set with personality. Just pick something you like enough to ship back home and use there too. By adding some color and personal touches to the bedroom, you can quickly transform the space.

5. Create Removable Designs on the Wall – Ever heard of Washi tape? You can use this colorful, fun tape to create patterns and designs on the wall. Then, when it is time to leave your temporary accomodation in Biloxi, just pull it off and the walls will look completely untouched.

To make your temporary space feel even more home-like, consider renting a housewares package. Doing so provides you with everything you need; from linens to bedding to cooking utensils.

Find the perfect furnished apartments in Hattiesburg and Biloxi, Mississippi today. These spaces are ready for you to personalize and can come with housewares.


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