3 Ways to Get Involved in the Community While on an Extended Stay in Biloxi, MS

It is not easy living in a new city, especially if you are relocating for a special work project, short term assignment, or even a longer period. Whether you are making the move to Biloxi, MS for good or are just here for a short while, getting involved in the community is an important way to make the area feel like home. When you connect with the local community, you will enjoy a better sense of the local culture and feel less isolated in your new location. Find a furnished apartmentto make your temporary living situation more comfortable and use the tips below to meet people and make new friends.

Practical tips for finding new social groups during your extended stay:

  • Try Popular Apps: There are tons of apps designed to help you meet new people and find friends with similar interests. Whether you prefer joining a professional community and networking group or would rather focus on other passions outside of work, the MeetUp app has tons of groups and regular events. Hobby groups, fandoms, and professionals alike can find a new community. You can also check other social networks for free daily events you are interested in. If you are single, you might consider dating as a good opportunity to learn more about the local scene and try some great restaurants.
  • Focus on Your Neighborhood and Location: This key piece of advice for finding a comfortable corporate housing option also applies to finding new friends. Popular neighborhoods often feature great shops, restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment venues. Look for local events and get into a routine. Stop by the same bookstore once a week or get your morning coffee from the same neighborhood cafe. A consistent “Good morning” greeting can often bloom into something else. Start small and start close by; you will soon be able to find out more about nearby events and find friend circles with similar interests.
  • Connect Outside of Work: You may be in your new location because of work, but that new assignment, expansion, or other project does not need to be your only focus during your time in the city. Look to local co-workers and new colleagues to show you around. Set evenings aside to connect with your new team outside of the workplace. Meet for drinks, enjoy a meal where work is not a topic, or take in a movie at the local cinema. No matter what hobbies and entertainment you are into, finding ways to push relationships beyond the 9-5 is a great way to begin expanding your network and making work a more enjoyable experience during your stay away from home.

Being new in town can be intimidating, but it is also a great conversation starter. Get out there and enjoy learning more about your new home during your corporate relocation. It can be tough to focus on becoming established in the local community if your housing arrangement is not convenient and comfortable. Find custom housing solutions in Mississippi with Corporate Housing Experts.


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